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It’s So Frustrating To Feel Stuck Isn’t it?

It’s so frustrating to feel stuck isn’t?

And so annoying when someone asks you why you’re stuck!

Aaagggrrr….   if you knew why you’re stuck, you wouldn’t be stuck right?!

Well, Yes and No.  There’s some truth to that but it’s not quite so cut and dried.

The truth is that a part of you does actually know why you’re stuck but you either can’t access that part; you know it but don’t know what to do about it; OR you’re afraid to face it (for a host of different reasons).

Ask me how I know?    You guessed it.  I’ve been there.  (Many times actually).
PLUS, I’ve seen it time and again with my clients.

But don’t fret.  This “stuckness” that you feel, is fixable.

Here’s a quick little exercise for you that will help you to begin to uncover what’s holding you back.

Firstly,  work out where you’re stuck.

  • Are you stuck because you don’t know what to do next? Maybe you can see the vision of what you want to create but don’t know the steps to take…​
  • Are you stuck because you’re afraid of other people’s judgement or criticism?
  • Are you stuck because you know your life will change if you become successful and you’re scared of what that might look like or how you’ll handle it?

Just a few examples… but grab your journal and start writing…

Start with:  “I feel stuck because……” (and then just let the words flow).

Avoid writing “I don’t know why I’m stuck” because the truth of it is that you do.  Even if it’s deep somewhere inside, you do know… and what this little exercise will do is start to prise the lid off so that you can begin to dialogue with that deeper part of yourself.

What’s the next step?  Well, there’s always something more to uncover and when you start this process the revelations always show you your own next steps.

Facing the truth can be challenging sometimes, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable and you want support reach out and I’ll help you with the next step.

The key thing here though, is that you actually start the process…

Many times we think we’ve done the process, when all we’ve actually done is turn things around in our mind.

Writing it physically is very different to thinking it mentally.  Actually writing it down brings things out into the open.

There is something completely magical about writing things in your journal so get your notebook and pen out and get started and make sure to let me know if you need my help for your next step.

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