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Do You Have A Love/hate Relationship With Yourself?

You’d be surprised how many people do.

When everything’s going well in our lives, it’s easy to love ourselves.  We feel good and everything feels possible for us.

But along comes a full moon, a retrograde planet, our monthly cycle, an unkind word and suddenly our whole world seems to go to hell in a handbasket and we start hating life and hating ourselves.

Maybe hate is too strong a word… but we all know what it’s like to feel like crap, and then those old sneaky destructive thoughts start to creep in.

… you’ll never been successful in business…

… nobody will buy your thing…

… you’re too old, not pretty enough, don’t know enough…

… you’ll never amount to anything…  why are you even trying… just give up because you’re wasting your time.

Oh Yuk!  It even feels terrible to type those words!!!  and yet we say stuff like that to ourselves all the time.  Ok, well, sometimes at least… on those days when we’re feeling down.

Well the odd day you can perhaps get away with.  But anything more prolonged than that and you’re entering the world of self- abuse.

Does it shock you to realise that by putting yourself down in that way you are becoming the abuser of your Self or even your Soul really…

If you had a friend or a partner who said those things to you would you stay with them? I hope you’d be sorting them out quick smart!  The weird thing is though, that we accept abuse from ourselves.

But it’s not a good thing to do (duh….) and I wanted to bring it to your awareness today.

As you’ve heard me say before awareness is EVERYTHING.  So pay attention to your thoughts and banish them if they step out of line.  This will quickly help you get back on track, raise your vibration and BE the awesome creator of your beautiful life.

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