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We all hold a pattern of beliefs by which we run our lives. Some are positive beliefs and others are quite negative or even destructive.

Often we are completely unconscious of the beliefs that we hold but they govern our lives nonetheless.

We always have the power to override our beliefs but we must first identify them and sometimes they are so submerged beneath layers of emotion that getting to the root of them can be intensely painful.

Once we make the decision to dig deep and expose all limiting beliefs though, immense freedom becomes available to us. It’s the opposite side of the same coin.

When we face our fears and override them, freedom comes.

Over the course of my career as a healer I have worked with thousands of people who were completely paralysed by their beliefs. I have so many stories that I could give as examples. Some would be classified as woo-woo and others are more down-to-earth everyday limiting beliefs but… I’ve worked with people who struggled to step outside their own front door because their belief was that black magic grids existed everywhere and they were only safe in their own home because they could “grid” it and create a safe space there. Others could no longer be intimate with their husbands because they believed that their husbands were a lower vibration than they were and that the husband would suck up their energy and pull them down and they wouldn’t be able to ascend, others believed that they were targeted individuals and on and on go the different beliefs that people hold. The common factor in all of these stories though is that what we believe becomes our reality.

When we plant a seed in fertile soil and nourish and water that seed, it grows into a plant. When a thought is placed into our mind we have the opportunity to pluck it out as being unhelpful or “not in alignment” for us, or we may entertain it, nourish it and water it and then it will grow into a belief.

When we are not conscious of our thoughts in every moment, our minds become like an open field into which any seeds that fly on the wind may embed themselves and begin to grow. As they start to grow in the un-tended field of our unconscious mind, we can be somewhat disturbed after a while, to discover that a forest of fear has grown there without us even realising it and our internal landscape is now a fear based one. I work with a lot of people who have many deep fears and I’ve found this is particularly prevalent in new age/ascension circles when people take into their mind, the thoughts and beliefs of the community and its leader without due diligence to what is actually being implanted there. We are supposed to “Surrender to Divine Intelligence/Source” not surrender our own free will and mind to another human being who we deem as superior to ourselves but who might in fact be nothing more than the physical version of a strong wind that contaminates the fertile soil of our mind with a consignment of unhealthy limiting beliefs and GMO seeds.

An overgrown forest of negativity and fear may paralyse us, yet that doesn’t happen overnight and at any point before that we may choose to take control of our own mind and thoughts and shape that internal landscape into our own beautiful garden. This garden in our mind, it is the creation of our life. Our thoughts create our reality and what we choose to believe becomes our reality.

Until we have done some work on ourselves, many of our held beliefs are negative and limiting. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding that limiting belief it may have become a fear imprint. If there is a physical impact and emotional intensity (in abusive relationships for example) or through trauma based mind control and spiritual abuse, which is surprisingly common yet mostly unidentified within new age groups, then it becomes more than a belief and it is imprinted much more deeply into the psyche. It may even have the ability to paralyse and completely disempower us if we allow it to.

It takes courage to look at our hidden stuff. I’ve found from my personal experience that there are layers and layers of stuff to plough through. It’s not always pleasant and yet there is also some amazing insights and revelations there too. I don’t feel that it is enough to just think of things that happened to us and expect them to clear — for me the power is in writing it down (to get it out of my head) and then looking to see where it may be lodged energetically in my body or what energetic ties it may have to other experiences or even other people in my life. Once I have that information, then I can remove it from my body and as wild as this sounds, sometimes there is a completely physical repercussion to that excision — a cough, a cold, a rash, a spinal misalignment, a period of shaking or emotional instability. This is all quite normal when we remove deeply rooted beliefs and the more traumatic they are, then often the bigger the physical response to the extraction.

I think this is what holds people back from doing this deep inner work. It’s not always comfortable, yet the feeling of freedom and release of pain afterwards is undeniable. Really… who wouldn’t want to choose freedom and release over pain and limitation? And yet our fear of feeling uncomfortable often stops us. When we have lived feeling that way for a long time, it becomes our familiar — our normal state — it becomes “our personality” and as the mind loves what is familiar it habitually resists anything that could disrupt what is it’s comfortable and familiar state.

It can be very difficult for people to believe that their lives can change or indeed that they can change and have a better life, but the change must always start within them and if they are unable to believe that change is possible then it may also be true for them, that change is impossible as our thoughts create our reality.

When we begin to change our beliefs we must necessarily change our habits of action and this can trigger a cognitive dissonance which creates mental discomfort while the person battles in their own mind whether to proceed forwards with this change or whether to retreat back to the more comfortable place within themselves and stay living the way they were. Fear often comes up at this point and they can feel quite alone.

Do we always have to suffer in order to release these limiting beliefs? No we don’t. but it might be uncomfortable for a little while and the trick is to give your mind a message that lets it know that this is something that you want to proceed with, that you are excited by and that you can succeed at. It can be like a small child that needs encouragement to try something new.

When we develop a toothache we might deal with it immediately to stop the pain from developing further or we might choose to ignore it for weeks until it becomes completely unbearable and we are forced to do something about the tooth. Either way, it will require a dentist to poke around in our mouth a bit, maybe inject us with anaesthetic and fill, crown or extract it. That might cause some discomfort for a while but what comes next… ? Freedom from pain! The freedom from pain is the blessing — acquired through just a little bit of discomfort, but oh so worth it.

I feel that clearing up our limiting or negative beliefs is a bit like going to the dentist with a toothache. We can get it dealt with quickly or we can prolong the pain.

Can we do this ourselves or do we have to get help? The answer is yes you can do it yourself but you also might need help. It’s completely individual and personal and depends a bit upon your skillset. If you know what you’re doing and have developed an understanding of your body and can feel and sense things for yourself, you would be better equipped than someone who might be exploring this type of work for the first time. Many people find EFT (or tapping) is very useful to remove limiting beliefs and it might work for you but personally I always feel that there is more energetic work to be done both on and in my body. Now that could be real or imagined because it directly ties in with my belief system but it works for me. If you believe EFT alone will work for you then it probably will. If you believe that energetic work is the bees knees, like I do, then that’s what you need. If you feel you can clear yourself on your own then you probably can and if you feel you need help because you doubt yourself, then get some help so you can move forwards with your life. Why stay stuck when you don’t need to? Why stay in pain when you don’t have to?

There are no rights or wrongs in any of this. I am passionate about helping people to tune in and feel for themselves what it is that they most need in order to heal. I love this work actually. I love seeing people become amazed as they tap into the wisdom of their own body — it’s like as if they come alive and the smile on their face says it all! They feel like they’ve hit the jackpot because when “inner knowing” has switched on, it feels so good.

Is my healing real or imagined? I believe that if you are genuinely healed then it doesn’t matter which path you took to achieve your healing. It is only when the stubborn, small mind gets in the way of the larger infinite mind, that a limitation to our healing is put in place again. How do you prove that the toothache has gone? You don’t need to prove it — you just know. Is it real or imagined? It doesn’t matter. When it’s gone you just feel better. Stop trying to double-guess yourself!

We have to get out of our head and connect with the field of intelligence from which we came, for this is where infinite potential exists and that infinite potential is available to each and every one of us — we just have to see it as a potential for ourselves and then we can begin to align to it and live it.

If you believe that you can be successful at something — then you can be.

If you believe that your life sucks and you’ll never get ahead — then it will and you won’t.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right ~ Henry Ford

So what reality would you like to create?
See it, feel it, believe it and then you will experience it!

There are certain steps required to make that real and one of them is clearing out all negative and limiting beliefs. Take the action steps to get there and it’s yours for the taking.

You create your life with your thoughts. If you are not yet living the life you want, then think better thoughts.

Pull out old limiting thoughts and beliefs and think better ones. I know it sounds simplistic — perhaps even ridiculous — and yet all evidence points back to one simple statement, that: Your thoughts create your reality… Everything begins with a thought and everything is available to you.

So, until next time — create better thoughts, create a better life.

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From my heart to yours,

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