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Change: Do you Love it or Hate it?

No matter what you think.  No matter how in control you’d like to think you are,  it’s true, that you can’t control everything in life. Some change is always inevitable.

Love it or hate it, change is going to happen to you at some point in your life.

It could be that someone you love decides to leave you.  Your services are no longer required.  Your job ends.  Your lease ends.   And the list goes on.

You can’t control the decisions that other people make that affect your life (or theirs), but you can control how you respond to the changes that their decisions bring to you.

When life isn’t going the way you want it to, you know you need to do something to change it.  But change isn’t always comfortable and often you’ll try to ignore it or put it off. 

If change was comfortable, you’d probably never feel stuck… you’d just get up and go and do whatever you want to do to change your life for the better.

You certainly wouldn’t put it off for years like many of us do!

OK, let’s be honest here and say, that sometimes it’s waaaaay more than just feeling uncomfortable around change.  Sometimes it’s a massive FEAR OF CHANGE that keeps us stuck….

And it’s why people stay married for years to people that they don’t love – or even like – anymore!

And it’s why people stay in jobs they hate and live in places they don’t like.

However, it can also be why people resist their spiritual awakening too.

They know something is happening and they also know that if they embrace this awakening that their life will have to change but they don’t want it too.

They want the awakening but not the change that it will bring.  But that’s impossible.  It’s like trying to move forward with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake.  You’re going nowhere and in the end, you have to admit to yourself that it’s YOU that’s keeping you stuck.

Generally, people only do something to change their circumstances, when it becomes so uncomfortable, or emotionally painful to stay there, that they just can’t stand it anymore and they HAVE to change and that’s exactly why this time on the planet is making so many people feel uncomfortable.

It’s meant to!!!  It’s meant to wake you up!!   This is the time of the Great Awakening and you must expect change – so let’s focus on creating good and positive change shall we?

It takes a lot of courage to change your life sometimes.  It takes commitment.  And of course, motivation.

The thing with motivation is that it’s not always there at the start. It often doesn’t show up until later, once we begin to see the benefits or results of the changes we are making. Then, it’s there to keep us going, but initially it’s not there and we have to find it within ourselves, to set the ball in motion and get started and for many of us, that’s the hard part.  Getting started.

Sometimes literally, our life depends upon making those changes – especially when it’s a health crisis – but even then it can be hard to do it and keep going, because we’re in the habit of being, doing, thinking and feeling exactly how we have been for what feels like forever.

Often, we’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time.  After all, it’s what’s got us to where we are right now.  The problem right now though is, that we can’t be complacent any longer.  We have to step up as the creator of our own life because if we don’t, we’ll get swept along with the crowd and we might end up in the wrong place.

So, the problem is, that the mind’s job is to keep you safe, and if the change that you’re trying to make, makes you feel unsafe (and perhaps goes against the crowd), then you’ll be battling your own mind in order to change.

And that’s the sticking point… you want to change, but a part of your mind doesn’t want to change because it’s comfortable and it’s holding on to what it perceives as safety.

Because changes represents the unknown does it not?

And if your mind thinks that the unknown is scary, it won’t let you go there and hello “Mrs Sabotage Yourself” all over again!   The truth is that everybody’s future is unknown.  Not just now, but always, and it always has been.

PLUS you get into habits of overthinking.  

You try to buy yourself some extra time and keep moving the date at which you’ll make this change.

Or you hope things will just get better all on their own, or that other people will make good decisions and save you from having to say or do anything… until suddenly 2, or 5, or even 10 years have passed and you’re still stuck.

You haven’t followed your heart.  You’re not living in joy.  You’re just treading water waiting for something to happen to make it all better.  But usually it’s just gets worse.

Sound familiar?

Well don’t despair, because there’s a way through – and that starts with telling your mind a story about how much you’d love to make that change.

If you tell your mind how excited you are, how ready you are, how eager you are, then it will go about motivating you to change (from the inside first, which is where all good changes starts from).

And once you’ve changed on the inside the outside will automatically begin to reflect that back to you.  That’s when you see the evidence of the work you’ve been doing.  The inner work.

It’s a bit like seducing your mind to be on your side as opposed to battling against each other with one wanting change and the other trying to conform to society’s expectations and holding on for dear life.

When you get your mind on side, your habits of self-sabotage begin to fall by the wayside because your head and your heart are moving in the same direction.  Hand in hand.  How cute is that?

So basically, tell your mind what you want it to believe – tell it clearly and often enough – and it will begin to follow your instructions.

This is the basics of mind control to be honest – controlling your own mind to get the outcome that you want and THIS is how you begin to create the life that you really want.

It’s true that we often need some deeper work to really make big and consistent changes in our life, but getting your mind on your side is a great first step.

So, follow your heart, the joy and the passion.  Tell your mind that this is what you want so that you override your fear of change and crush your habit of self-sabotage before it even has a chance to raise its ugly head again.

If you need more support to override your habits of self sabotage or if you’re ready to make some changes but not quite sure where to begin, then DM me.  I have a few things that will help you.  Alternatively book a free Clarity Call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you find the True and Authentic version of yourself and discover your Soul Purpose.  I’m excited to hear from you…..

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