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A Timeline Fracture

We are where we place our attention – Jim Fortin

We all have choices.

When we fall into fear and worry about some possible future timeline event, like so many people are right now, we can’t help but lower our vibration.

Fear and worry are not high vibrational states of being.

What we focus on consistently we become more and more aligned to it.  It’s a process called entrainment and we see this in everything that is synchronised – from cuckoo clocks to a marching band – and this can be a really good thing or it can have a detrimental effect upon us.  Let me explain…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction or the Law of Resonance, well this Law affects everything all around us, all of the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.  When we focus on love and beauty, we see and experience more of it because we draw it towards us – we attract it.

And the same is true if we worry and stress about things.  In this case of course we’re actually drawing what we don’t want towards us because we’re overly focused on it.  This is true for health issues, financial issues, relationship situations both good and bad, because thoughts affect everything and there’s no escaping it.  It is a Universal Law.

What we place our attention on, we are putting energy into and we are actually building the energy of form, so we are manifesting precisely what we don’t want to experience.

Is it possible to attract an illness to ourselves?  Oh you bet it is!

Dr Lissa Rankin wrote a great article that explains it, called “The Nocebo Effect:  Negative Thoughts Can Harm Your Health”

When people focus constantly on the number of infected people and death rates and if they hold a belief that “it’s not a matter of IF but rather WHEN they catch a virus” (which is a subliminal programme that has been propagated by the media), then they are beginning to set the nocebo effect into play.

The opposite is also true.  We can create health with our thoughts and we can create a beautiful life when we focus on it being exactly that.

Not as simple as that… I hear you say.  Well it actually is because we are born creators but nobody told us that.

Generally, we are in our own way so much that we can’t see how or where we divert our energy, and that diversion of energy is the very thing that stuffs up our creative abilities.  We focus on what we don’t want and then cry that we don’t have what we do want.

I wish we’d been taught this in school!

I work on myself daily to avoid the pitfalls of leaking energy to places that I don’t want to go and I’ve developed a process that helps my clients to become aware of these stumbling blocks too. With awareness we can all do this.

So currently, we have all of these fear agendas bearing down upon us.   The time may come when we have to take physical action and stand up and say NO – that is part of being self-sovereign – but until such time comes, we need to be aware,  that every moment we spend in that agenda, we will be lowering our vibration – even if we “feel” ok about reading some of that stuff.

When we go into it, read it, discuss it, argue about it and try to persuade people about it, to some degree we are aligning to it.  Not with our belief but we’re putting our energy there.  It’s a bit like getting on the same wave that’s heading right for the rocks and not being able to pull off of it in time to save ourselves.

We can’t be in that field and not be affected by it.

This timeline event that they’ve created is the most powerful one to date.  There have been others in our lifetime but this one is insidious.  It’s a massive agenda in part due to its spread on social media, which is why I am rarely on social media these days, with the exception of my own groups.

At the very least you’d likely have to do some clean-up work each time you go there but usually people don’t, because they don’t realise what’s happening and there’s also a cumulative effect on their field which lowers their vibration (unless they’re really conscious to override it).

Even when they have an awareness of energy, conspiracy theories and negative agendas, they are often not able to sense the infiltration into their field or consciousness.

Of course I’ve looked at some of the stuff that’s been written, but I’ve noticed personally that no matter how briefly I am there with it, I come away feeling slightly tainted from it and I have to clear my energy and realign with Source.  I can feel the fear agenda in it, and I don’t want any remnant of that in my field.

Honestly, we know what they’re up to by now… we don’t have to spend ages researching the next latest thing.

Let’s shift our attention and move right away from it, because I’ve seen the potential of soul harvesting of those who align to that agenda.  It’s not a good outcome. I don’t think you’d enjoy that path but as always you have the freedom to choose.

This is not denial that it’s going on – it’s about choosing what you want to align to.

I have also seen a more exciting potential in which we move to a whole different timeline experience.  The Ancients saw this agenda timeline that we’re currently in, but our fate is not sealed yet.  It’s still not set in stone, and perhaps this time, is exactly why we chose to come here anyway – to change things and to make a difference.

Why else do you think there are so many people waking up on the planet right now?

But we can’t make a difference if we’re staying small or if we refuse to be seen and shine our light.

One good thing that has come from this is that many more people have awakened now than would have, had this virus agenda not been played out.  We always knew there would be people who left it to the very last minute to wake up and the proof of that is all around us now.

This has been their wake-up call and I think that’s really exciting and positive.

Do you remember the first day of high school each year…? When the new intake of kids come in and they don’t know where to go.  They look so lost and innocent.  Well that’s what we’re seeing with these newbies that are waking up.   Most of us have had time to ease into it gently but they don’t.  They have to get up to speed really quickly because things need to happen fast now.

I’ve been teaching and talking about this kind of thing for over twenty years now and I’ve been waiting for this time.  I knew it was coming and I’m ready for it but many are not and they’re feeling overwhelmed.  In that overwhelm they may get lost and confused and we don’t want them dropping back into fear and lower vibrations.

I believe that it’s our duty to help them to understand what’s happening and get them up to speed but without laying the whole negative agenda on them, because it’s just too much to take in one dose.

How do we help them?  Well we step into our new roles and we step up.

Some of you that read this article or listen to it on You Tube have been interested in this type of thing for years already and you’re not a newbie anymore.  So I invite you to get aligned, on purpose and go out into the world to share your gifts and talents.  By doing this you are emanating a particular vibration of alignment and you can be a shining light within your own sphere of influence.

My purpose has always been to teach the teachers.  To help the teachers to come into alignment with their own soul and purpose, so that they can go out and reach many more people.  It’s time now.  Step up.  Step into your purpose, share your gifts and talents with the world and live the life you came here for.  That way you lead by example.

My intention in writing this is to inspire you – to awaken you and to encourage you.  Let me know if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help to shift your vibration or if you’d like to work with me to help you become the person you came here to be.

More than any other time before, I encourage you to look to Spirit, Align to Source and feel the joy to be alive.

Until next time, stay in the Light,


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