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Have you noticed that many people are being inspired to make great changes lately?  We are in a most pivotal time in our history and there is a very definite momentum moving us collectively through continual paradigm shifts, spiritual initiations and universal opportunities to expand mass consciousness at a global level.

Many of us can feel the new energies that come on to the planet through various astrological alignments or when various stargates open and close or even when there are solar flares.  We experience various lightbody or ascension symptoms and we attribute them to some kind of “Upgrade” that we’ve just experienced.  We say the same of certain spiritual processes and activations that we choose to participate in but how effective are these upgrades in terms of our awakening or ascension?

Are we forever changed? or do we just go back a few days later to the way we were before?

In order for our outer reality to change we have to change our inner reality first.  Change is an inside job and whilst these types of powerful energy infusions can help to jump start our change, it doesn’t automatically guarantee that our change or shift of consciousness is permanent.  It is far too easy to slip back into old ways of being and pick up old patterns of behaviour again if we are not conscious and present to the more subtle changes that need to occur within us in order to fully embody an upgrade.

How many of us have been away on a holiday, eaten good food, exercised daily, journaled, done some meditation or art perhaps and promised ourselves that these are the exact changes we need to incorporate into our daily life and that we are definitely going to keep these in place when we get home….  And how long does it last? One day, three days?  How hard is it to impress these changes into our daily life when we get back home to our usual routine?

Our mind loves what is familiar and even though in our conscious mind we feel absolutely desperate to make changes, what is in our subconscious mind and emotions is the part of us that actually dictates how much of a change we can make before we find ourselves going back to running unconscious old patterns of behaviour, perhaps feeling some fear starting to surface and ending up pretty much back in the same place that we were before.  It is as if there is some magnetic force that seems to pull us back into old patterns of behaviour.  Thankfully we can change that by re-writing the beliefs in our sub conscious mind and giving ourselves a new set of instructions, rather like upgrading our computer software by giving it the latest version of itself so that it performs at maximum efficiency.

So when we have had a momentary alignment to these activation energies, we remember how wonderful it felt… how open and expansive we felt…  how our creativity got sparked… but at the end of the day, if it didn’t change us in any long lasting way are we really getting ahead or are we just treading water and staying in the same place?

Did we really have an upgrade? Or did we just think we did? What actually constitutes proof of an upgrade and how would we quantify it, even to ourselves?

Is growth or ascension without change even possible?

Are we there yet?  How much longer will this take?

Sometimes life seems to be a continual practice of peeling back the layers and whilst this can be frustrating for some of us when we feel as if we are getting nowhere, actually when we shift our mindset we can see what an amazing journey this really is.  Having the opportunity to examine the layers of subconscious beliefs that have limited us, is actually quite a fascinating gift from the Universe.

It’s all about our mindset.  How we choose to feel about things. Whether we believe that something is possible or not and whether we think that something is achievable or not but we cannot claim to have changed our mindset fully without there being some evidence of that mindset shift playing out in other areas of our life simultaneously.  When our beliefs change fully on the inside we are changed throughout.

Very often people view this whole spiritual process as a destination, somewhere that we have to get to but in fact that’s not it at all, because the journey never really ends.  When we tap in to the field of infinite potential that is available to all of us, well, clearly it’s infinite.  The possibilities of what we could achieve, reach, create are infinite – it doesn’t just end somewhere… because it’s infinite – everything that ever was, is or will be is both here and there and it’s constantly evolving and expanding itself in the realms of what can exist, so when we expect to get to a certain point or reach that destination we must understand that in itself that is a self-imposed limitation because we are expecting to stop at the destination when we get there but actually where is that and what does it really look like because something is always sure to come next – a destination is not an ending and nor is death as the soul continuously exists.

This is the same as when we say things like:  When I get a pay rise, I’ll be happy; or When I loose weight, I’ll be happy; When I get this next certificate of training, I’ll be good enough…  but really, is it ever enough? And does that limit us in any way from feeling happy now, or good enough now.  What are we really waiting for?

Clients come to me and ask for help to “just remove this last little bit of something that’s holding me back (from getting somewhere)”… and I just smile because I have said the exact same thing in the past so I know where they are and what it feels like to be there but I perceive it differently these days.

They feel that they’ve shifted so much and yet they still feel like they haven’t got there yet, wherever there is… but what they’re often really saying, is that they don’t feel changed enough yet on either the inside or the outside because if they were, then things would be different for them.  I think we all have known that feeling and if we could be more in the present moment we could be ok with where we are and yet at the same time we can still have the desire to keep the forward momentum that is growth.  It’s a type of spiritual paradox really – used to challenge the mind and make you think about where you think you are in this process in a new and hopefully inspiring way.

Are you happy where you are right now?  People often say Yes, but if I could just get to the next level then I’d be even happier…  well why?  What will that next level give you that isn’t available to you now – or that you think isn’t available to you now?

Sometimes I wonder if we ever feel like what we have is enough… or perhaps we are just born to strive for more, after all have you ever seen a tree that just stops growing because it thinks it’s grown enough and “it’s got there” so it doesn’t have to grow anymore?

Actually trees only stops growing when they are going into entropy and there is the clue that we need to see and take on board.  We are meant to continue to grow throughout our life so consequently life will present to us continual opportunities for that growth.  Can we ever avoid the growth that comes through living each day on this planet?  I believe that it would be a mistake to try as I am certain it would only lead to more pain, confusion and suppression and that is evidenced by many people in society around us.

Living with limitations

The majority of people live their lives in a very limited fashion.  We may look at other people who go out and achieve great things that we feel would be impossible for us to achieve but with a few exceptions, is that really true?  Is there something in their wiring at birth that set them up to be great achievers but that we missed out on?  I don’t think so.

Whilst it is true that the environment that we grew up in will dictate our paradigm to a large degree, it is also true that this paradigm that has been programmed into our subconscious mind is ours to change and in my opinion that is an absolute bonus as it allow us to free ourselves from past pain and create the future we really want.

When we begin to take control of our own thoughts and beliefs we can mould them into anything that we want to.  They say that you become very much like the people you hang around with so if those in your environment are not relating on the same wavelength that you are, it might be good to find a new group of people.  This is where “finding your Tribe” comes in to its own.  We don’t want to have to drop out of our family unit just because we are changing our paradigm and feel suffocated by certain family members but for continued growth we do need to spend time, study or work with people who inspire us to become a better person, to reach higher to achieve our heart’s desire and to dig deeper to find and release our limiting beliefs.  We need to find a non-judgemental and supportive safe space in which to grow and establish ourselves and learn to hold our light.

This is precisely why it can be hard to really get the benefit of an energy activation or spiritual initiation… because after the event we return home and slot in to the same way of living and the same way of being and very quickly we become the same person we were before the activation or upgrade.  To gain the most from the upgrade we must consciously make time to continue the integration process that is always required after one of these energetic events and this is where applied focus on one’s personal development becomes a necessity.

Through our energetic upgrade we will have been pushed to see things in a new and different way and we must keep on seeing things in that new and different way.  Often within days of our energetic shift we begin shutting down our intuition again, disbelieving what we sense and overriding what we know in our heart.

It’s like a flower that begins to open in the sunshine but closes down again before all her petals were fully opened and exposed to the light.  Only on fully opening can her exquisite fragrance be released alas her full potential is never realised as she cannot hold her light or continue to blossom each day.  Instead she retreats, her potential lost in the shadows of her own life.

What commonly occurs is that we will have an activation and come into a level of expansion and connection with who we truly are but rather than holding ourselves at that new level of empowerment we contract or shut down when challenged (or criticised) by someone who is still living in the old paradigm from which we had managed to escape for the briefest of moments. We are pulled back down to their level again because we couldn’t hold our head up and step in to our own sense of self.

When we can truly hold our light then their words or criticisms will not cause us to contract – we will continually walk forwards without taking backward steps.  We will stand tall in the truth of our own knowing.

This is what it takes to fully embody an upgrade.  It does cause us to change how we interact with certain people, places and things and we should also be prepared to step through some fear of change, because spiritual growth and stepping into one’s own divine truth is all about change – changes within that reflect on the outside in the way we speak, think, feel and behave and all in the most empowering and inspiring ways.

So until next time, as always hold your light and speak your truth.
From my heart to yours,

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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, etheric surgeon, ascension facilitator and lightbody technology specialist. She also employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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